50% of the net proceeds from
I Love Me are going to
The World is Our Neighborhood
, a 501(c)(3) charity.




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Book Overview

Loving oneself allows us to love one another. Self-love is the cornerstone to high self-esteem, love of others and to living life to its fullest potential. These are the important messages in author Catherine A. Haala’s book I Love Me, which embraces the good in all of us. A book geared toward children ages 4 to 7, I Love Me can benefit readers of all ages as it joyfully and lovingly affirms the limitless gifts and magnificence we all bring into the universe!

If children truly love and believe in themselves, their life possibilities are limitless and their level of consciousness will positively impact the universe! I Love Me is enchanting and beautifully illustrated with whimsical characters from around the world. Children can even personalize their very own goals and gratitude pages, and see their reflection in an I Love Me mirror.

Children and adults alike will benefit from I Love Me’s messages of self-love! A must read for everyone!

50% of the net proceeds from I Love Me will benefit The World is Our Neighborhood (TWION.org). TWION is a 501(c)(3) volunteer (no salaries) charity working with the poor, elderly, mentally and physically challenged. Teaming up with like-minded individuals, TWION specializes in the relocation of fully functioning rooms of used medical equipment, supplies and furnishings from IMEC USA to healthcare facilities, orphanages, clinics, health centers and nursing homes in other countries.

Together, we work to raise the level of healthcare, building strong relationships based on teamwork, accountability, love and laughter! Other TWION projects include Learning Impact, Precious Lives, Gifts of Love, Blankets for Babies, Soc it to ‘Em and Project USA, which is an ongoing project.


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